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The Lexile® Framework for Reading is a scientific approach to measuring reading ability and the text demand of reading materials. The Lexile Framework includes a Lexile® measure and the Lexile® scale. A Lexile measure represents both the complexity of a text, such as a book or article, and an individual’s reading ability. Lexile measures are expressed as numeric measures followed by an “L” (for example, 850L), and are placed on the Lexile scale. The Lexile scale is a developmental scale for measuring reader ability and text complexity, ranging from below 0L for beginning readers and beginning reader materials to above 2000L for advanced readers and materials. Knowing the Lexile measures of both a reader and a text helps to predict how the text matches the reader’s ability — whether it may be too easy, too difficult or just right.

Lexile Text Ranges to Guide Reading for College and Career Readiness

The Lexile ranges below represent the complexity of texts that students

should be reading at to be college and career ready by the end of Grade 12.


Summer Camp Chronicles

Dr. Peter Isikwe is a Nigerian-American pharmacist turned children’s book author who was born in Houston, TX. His love for literature and education dates to his childhood. His passions include writing, working with children, and his love for hip-hop culture.His diverse background led him to develop stories that introduce culture and diversity to children while receiving a powerful message of education. Peter believes reading should be fun for children. Peter recently wrapped up his book tour in the United States.Peter has been able to tour internationally with his book, from Nigeria and more recently his book launch in London, United Kingdom in early 2018. He launched his book at the 4th busiest library in London. Peter does not plan to stop any time soon. Currently he is working on the next book in the series.


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